We understand that dealing with insurance companies can sometimes be complicated. It is our pleasure to contact your insurance company and receive a breakdown of your coverage. Please provide your insurance information prior to your first dental visit, as our receptionist can receive the information required for future treatments and possible payment arrangements.

Our office often submits claims automatically through a system called EDI (electronic data interchange). In this case, once your information is entered onto our system, we can submit directly to your insurance company and proceed onto receiving a reimbursement cheque for the eligible expenses. Some insurance companies do not allow for claims to be submitted electronically, therefore we can simply send the standard claim forms manually.

Dental services are based on a mutual understanding between dentist and patient. In order to ensure this understanding, our policy toward insurance dental plans is as follows:

  • The particular plan that you have is a contract between yourself or your employer and the insurance company. The dentist is not a party to this contract and cannot change the terms of your policy or negotiate it with your employer or insurance company.
  • Insurance company payments are based on your policy that may have particular conditions and/or limitations. As a patient, it is your responsibility to make certain that you are aware and understand these conditions.